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  1. Romare Bearden and his parents migrated North via this handsome train depot, built in 1906.
  2. A railroad bridge crossed S. Graham Street within sight of the Kennedy/Bearden home. Sitting in a front porch rocking chair, young Romare could watch trains rumbling by. "Sometimes," a poem written by Bearden in 1964, alludes to this very trestle. © Romare Bearden Foundation/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY
  3. The intersection between Trade and Tryon streets was the heart of the business district.
  4. Site of Romare Bearden's baptism. His father, Howard, was an organist.
  5. Romare Bearden's mother, Bessye, taught at St. Michael and All Angels Protestant Episcopal Church's adjacent school.
  6. Residence of Thad Tate, a prominent member of the African American Community. Tate held several prominent positions, including treasurer of the Brevard Street Library for Negroes.
  7. As a child, Romare Bearden and his friend Charles "Spinky" Alston would play ball on the front steps of this United States Mint branch.
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