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  1. Officers of the NC Mutual Life Insurance Company gathered around a desk, including Dr. Aaron Moore, far left
  2. Group portrait of black men and women, including Dr. Aaron Moore, bottom center
  3. Portrait of Hayti physician, Dr. Aaron Moore
  4. View of the house
  5. Portrait of seven of the founders of the Mechanics and Farmers Bank (opened 1908), including Dr. Aaron Moore, far right on the front row
  6. View of the Dr. Aaron Moore house
  7. Present day view of the Dr. Aaron Moore House
  8. From: The Upbuilding of Black Durham. The Success of the Negroes and Their Value to a Tolerant and Helpful Southern City: Electronic Edition. Du Bois, W. E. B. (William Edward Burghardt), 1868-1963
  9. Mill interior
  10. By 1922, the mill was no longer in operation. The Royal Knights of King David were now housed in the building.
  11. While the 1913 Sanborn map shows Electric Theater on Fayetteville Street, by 1915, it was renamed the Rex Theater (of which an image has yet to be found). Around 1920, the Rex Theater had moved to 522 East Pettigrew Street. It and the adjacent buildings were torn down for the People's Service Station. This image shows the service station.
  12. During the 1920s, 522 East Pettigrew Street (the new site of the Rex Theater) became the Scarborough & Hargett funeral home. This image shows the exterior of the funeral home in the 1960s.
  13. Ad for the opening of the Rex Theater in the Durham Morning Herald on March 8, 1920.
  14. Alphabetical Listing for Hayti Drug Store in Durham City Directory; reads "Prescriptions a specialty"
  15. View of Hayti Drug Store
  16. Present day view of Hayti Drug Store
  17. View of the James Shepard House, 1940s
  18. View of the James Shepard House, 1960s
  19. Present day view of the James Shepard House
  20. James Shepard
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